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Brewery Website links in Wisconsin and surrounding area.

Angelic Brewing - Madison, WI

Brewery Creek  - Mineral Point, WI

Capital Brewery - Middleton, WI

City Brewery - La Crosse, WI  

Delafield Brewhaus - Delafield WI

Founders Brewing Company - Grand Rapids, MI

Goose Island Beer Company - Chicago, IL

Gray's Brewing Co. - Janesville, WI

Great Dane Pub & Brewing Co. -  Madison WI

Hinterland Brewery - Green Bay, WI

James Page Brewery - Minneapolis, Minnesota

Joseph Huber Brewing Co.  Monroe, WI

Kalamazoo Brewing Company - Kalamazoo, MI

Lakefront Brewery - Milwaukee, WI

Miller Brewing Company - Milwaukee, WI

New Glarus Brewing Company - New Glarus, WI

Sprecher brewing Co. - Glendale, WI

Stevens Point Brewery - Stevens Point, WI

Titletown Brewing Co. - Green Bay, WI

Two Brothers Brewing Company - Warrenville, Illinois

Tyranena Brewing  - Lake Mills, WI

Viking Brewing Company - Dallas, WI


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